Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Blame The Cookies

Oh my poor little neglected blog - forgive me!  I blame the Girl Scout cookies for sending me into an unintentional blog hiatus these past few months.  Family, home, work, piano students, Relief Society and Young Women's camp keep me busy (too busy sometimes), but I blame the 7200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my garage (and all the madness that ensued upon sending them out into the world in the hands of twenty little Brownie Girl Scouts) for sending me over the edge and away from the blog.  (Note to self:  never, EVER volunteer to be the cookie manager for a troop of 20 Girl Scouts again.  Hire them an accountant/book keeper instead!) 
But all is well now and we are back!  Benson Family Adventures continue!  (Not that they ever stopped - I just don't have any hard evidence that anything of note actually happened in 2012.) 
Friends?  Readers?  Anyone?  (*crickets chirp*)  I'm sure you've all given up on me by now, but for my own benefit at least the camera will be dusted off this weekend and put to use, because we have some Easter Adventures to embark on!


Kara and Chant said...

That's a lot of cookies! Have fun this weekend. And I'm glad you're back!

Susan said...

oh wow! good for you for taking on all those cookie sales! Glad you are back... i love to read your blog :)

Stacy said...

So glad you are alive! And I think you should start a budget right now for next years 'cookie keeper'! haha Can't wait to hear about your adventures this weekend! Have fun!

Katie said...

You sound very busy, glad to have you back.