Thursday, September 15, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

This summer I got to be an assistant teacher for a "Kids on Broadway" summer workshop that a good friend of mine teaches.  Every Thursday evening we'd meet in her studio and teach the kids the background and basics of musical theater, play games and prepare our little Broadway Review.
Our class performed selections from "The Sound of Music" ("My Favorite Things", "Do Re Mi", "The Lonely Goatherd" and "So Long, Farewell") as well as a few scenes of dialogue in between each song.  Then they combined with the Wednesday class (who performed "Annie") for an opening number ("There's No Business Like Show Business") and a few selections from "The Lion King."

It was fantastically fun and if I could do it full time I would!

Olivia was in my class and made an excellent "Louisa" - she had a solo in "My Favorite Things" that made me want to cry I was so proud of her - and she had so much fun performing with her friends.  I'm always amazed at how shy and uncertain she can be in real life sometimes, but then she steps out onto stage and it just all disappears.

And may I add that she looks far too grown up in stage make up?
My awesome Thursday kids in their Lion King costumes
Monkey #1 and Monkey #2 (AKA:  Maria and Louisa)

The Lonely Goatherd puppet show - I waffled back and forth on having them do this song because teaching kids to yodel just made me soooo nervous, but they picked it up just fine and it ended up being my very favorite piece.  (I was quite proud of my puppets too!)
She sang the "girls in white dresses" verse of "My Favorite Things" and did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job!
So Long, Farewell!
The whole goofy gang - I LOVE these kids - they were all so fun!
I wish wish wish that I would have gotten more pictures of their actual performance, but I was too busy directing Sound of Music and accompanying the other songs.  
You get the idea though:
Kids on Broadway
Awesome Olivia
Lots of fun
I want this as a full time job!


Hay said...

How fun!! That is so awesome!

Kara and Chant said...

That is such a cool experience for you and Olivia. You are an amazing teacher Emily! Truly amazing!