Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Baby Went to Camp!

I am OH SO GLAD that Livvy loves Trefoil Ranch as much as I did as a kid (and still do by the way!) because guess which lucky mom got to tag along to horse camp last month?  
ME!  And we had such a great time!  There were 17 amazing little Brownie Girl Scouts at troop camp this year and we all had a ball.
Low Ropes Course activites
Olivia riding Chief (the horse I rode at age nine when I went to camp)
Trail Ride
Friendship Bracelets
Helping with the cook out
Getting a little messy during the cook out....
Marshmallows and silly skits
Flag ceremonies and campfire songs
Singing bedtime songs with Miss Heather our amazing troop leader
Our awesome troop!
I think she's officially hooked on camp.  Last week she went up for a full week of resident camp with two other girls from her troop (and no mommy to tuck her in at night!) and loved every second of it.  (I think I was more homesick for her in fact, than the other way around!)

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Kara and Chant said...

SO fun! That is so cool that it is the same camp and you have that to share. Awesome memories in the making here!