Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Who knew that football for preschoolers could be such a hit?  I was seriously nervous at the beginning of the month when the rec center called to tell me that the t-ball preschool clinic I thought I was signing Caleb up for...  was actually a football clinic.  (Yikes!)  I had visions of three year old children running crazy through the gym and steamrolling over each other, but he seemed excited about it so I figured we'd give it a try and ask for a refund if my visions proved true.  I'm happy to report that they didn't!  This has been the perfect little introduction (just a 45 minute class one day a week) to sports for my clingy little Caleb Man and he LOVES it.  Every morning he wakes up asking if it's a football day.
Lining up to run some laps
Doing some stretches
Learning the Down/Set/Hike positions
Getting the hand off
And scoring a TOUCHDOWN!


Susan said...

oh that is SO fun!! My Jake would love something like this when he gets a bit older. I'm glad the football clinic is working out. :)

Kara and Chant said...

That's awesome! Its good for them to try new things. Glad it's not the horror you imagined!

Trevlyn said...

So. Dang. Cute! He's definitely NOT a baby anymore!