Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Parenting

Today I perpetuated the falsehood that "Life is Fair" by driving through three different McDonald drive-throughs looking for the Rio bird on a skateboard toy.  Three out of four of the kids that ate there with us today got that particular toy in their Happy Meal and guess who really, reeeeeeeeally wanted it enough that crocodile tears became involved?  In exchange for the Rio bird I have bargained a wiggle free haircut out of my little man for later this afternoon.  
(Look at me - I'm on a roll!  In just a little under an hour I've not only skewed his view of fairness, but resorted to bribery as well!)
 I think he forgives me though.


Stacy said...

Well you do what you gotta do sometimes as a mom!! Love it!

jodi kay said...

I agree! You do what you have to do!

Lynne said...

At this age whatever causes the least stress to you has got to come first sometimes!