Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Object Lesson

Last Monday night Cameron took charge of the Family Night lesson and ran with it.  He talked about Lehi and his family having to leave Jerusalem, what they were allowed to take with them, how hard it would be to leave our home and where they traveled to.  Of course no decent Family Home Evening lesson is complete without an object lesson, right?
So he set up our new tent and let the kids play "camping in the wilderness" for the evening. 
(Personally I think he's just very excited that we finally have a tent and wanted a chance to set it up.)
 Furniture had to be moved (this thing can hold two queen sized mattresses side by side and is tall enough for Cameron to stand upright), we spent the evening tripping around the sides (because it literally took up every inch of floor space in that room) and maybe it defeated the lesson's purpose in teaching about Lehi and his family's courage in braving the wilderness because these two turkeys just had WAY too much fun.

I can tell just by looking at them that visions of our upcoming spring camping trip are dancing in their heads.
 (Honestly - I've got a few dancing visions of my own...)  Zion National Park here we come!