Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

This is the last of my Christmas catch-up posts (maybe one of these years I will actually post during the festivities instead of after.)
Olivia was up at the crack of seven (we have rising rules on Christmas morning at our house) to check out the success of her banana bread and carrot sticks.
After waiting very patiently for Caleb to wake up, helping me get breakfast in the oven and setting the table we finally let her open up her stocking.
By 8:30 Caleb was still a no-show for Christmas morning (we were all soooo sick the week of Christmas and he was needing some serious catch-up sleep) so we went ahead with breakfast (how cute are my place settings?)
Finally at 9:00 AM (even Cameron and I were impatient by this point) the Caleb Man made an appearance and the morning began!
The afternoon and evening were spent at the Bensons: Christmas brunch, movie/nap/playtime, Bingo, talking on the web cam with Cameron's brother Patrick and his family, appetizers and Christmas dinner and playing with cousins.

We finished the night with the Danish family tradition of singing carols while circling the Christmas tree, reading the Christmas story, exchanging gifts and having dessert.

Every year I am blown away all over again at how blessed we are - it was a wonderful Christmas season filled with lots of traditions and lots of family. We are so grateful for the Gospel in our lives and how we are guided and blessed through our knowledge of it.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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