Friday, January 14, 2011

Checked Out!

A few weeks back the kids were having a hard time settling down to bed. Cameron had just finished a four or five day stretch of work (remember he doesn't get home until around 10 PM) so it was the first night all week the kids had him around for bedtime and they were seriously wound up about it. Reading turned into wrestling, bedtime prayer turned into giggles, teeth brushing turned into a splash fight in the sink... you get the picture. I finally announced that I was checking out for the day and Daddy was in charge of bedtime. Cameron was nice enough to play along and told the kids to kiss me goodnight because mommy had checked out and was officially off the clock. A few minutes later Olivia came skidding into my room, held up her hands to stop me from speaking and blurted out "Mom - even though you're all checked out, can I still read before bedtime?"


Stacy said...

ha ha silly girl! Next time lock your bedroom door so she can't check in with you!

aubrey said...

LOVE IT! I think checking out for Mom's should happen once a week!

The Four Jepps said...

I'm so glad you can 'check out' sometimes! Every mom needs that sometimes!