Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kicking Off the Holidays

Every year after decorating our Christmas tree we turn off all of the lights and read this book by the light off the tree. Something about this book hits me just right and for the rest of the month I can't look at my Christmas tree without thinking of this story and all of it's symbolism. My hope is that when my children look at our Christmas tree, instead of looking down at the gifts they will first look up and think of Christ.
For our first Family Home Evening in December every year we pull out this little wooden manger and a bundle of straw.
We talk about what kind of present we could give to Christ for Christmas. And then when the kids realize that it wouldn't be possible to actually wrap up a present and give it to Him we talk about service. Our goal is to fill Christ's bed with straw before Christmas Eve - one straw for every secret service we render. The kids love it and get so excited every time they add a straw.

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aubrey said...

Such a neat way to share Christmas with your family Emily. I love this!