Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Good Day

October General Conference is quite possibly one of my very favorite days of the whole year. Cameron had to work, but the kids and I had a whirwind cleaning party this morning and pulled out all of our autumn decorations. We finished decorating just in time for me to print out some conference activities off of The Idea Door, park the kids at the kitchen table with their crayons and activity printouts, and settle down (still in pajamas of course...) in my clean and autumn-ish living room to enjoy the morning session. Other than Cameron being gone I am love, love, loving this day!


aubrey said...

I love your picture, so cute! Conference was perfect today! And of course you have to watch it in your there any other way to do it?

The Trippy Stevensons said...

AMEN! You are absolutely gorgeous in your pjs and in bed. Good idea!

Maria said...

I completely agree- Fall conference time is just lovely! I get so excited that it's that time of year... that Christmas is coming and the pretty leaves and pumpkins smells are out and... WHAT'S MORE?! We get to hear from living Prophets and Apostles of the Lord! AMAZING! :) Congrats on the clean house and getting kids settled in time- I know that's a feat ;)!