Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Somehow this week it worked out that Cameron had three days off of work. All in a row! It was quite heavenly to run errands, go to lunch, do a few fix-ups around the house, go to parent-teacher conference and take care of the day-to-day house and kid stuff with my sweety by my side. And sandwiched in the middle of it all on Wednesday night was my birthday party with Cameron and the kids at Disney on Ice.
My sweet kiddos
Sharing a sno-cone

The show started with Mickey Mouse (Caleb is obsessed)
I enjoyed the show almost as much as watching the looks on their faces
Mickey and the gang (Caleb was quite concerned when their car broke down)
But was relieved when Lightening Mcqueen and the Cars came to fix it up
The Ariel portion of the show was great
But Olivia and I liked Pixie Hollow the very best!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Emily!! I've never been to Disney on Ice... it looks awesome!!

Stacy said...

So much fun!!! I am glad that kids and you liked it. We enjoyed it last fall too!

Unknown said...

so jealous...I want to go so bad! Looks WONDERFUL and looks like your kids had so much fun! Happy Birthday :)

aubrey said...

How fun! Disney on Ice is NEVER EVER a disappointment! I am totally with you, Pixie Hollow would be my favorite too, I cannot wait for the next movie to come out!

Trevlyn said...

Happy Birthday!!! You certainly know how to celebrate!

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Happy Birthday. That looks like so much fun!

annieandken said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

I did think about you at the beginning of March. I couldn't remember what day your birthday was exactly. Sounds like you got a great day!