Thursday, February 4, 2010

Say Cheeeeeese!

Good old Target portrait studio! Nothing beats a quick, twenty minute, in and out photo session at fifty percent off with results like this!
Caleb was especially hysterical - the photographer would put him in a pose and he would stay there and look right at her, no fidgeting and no arguing.
Olivia was good as gold and of course as photogenic as ever.
And our photographer was very sweet and did a great job!


Trevlyn said...

So very sweet! I love the bare feet and Olivia's dress is darling!

Diane Owen said...

So cute!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for cute pictures of all 3 kids in a couple months! Ah! 3 kids!

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...


Stacy said...

Very Cute! Maybe I should aspire to get some pics done. . . not this month!

aubrey said...

Very sweet! And how wonderful that they were so good! Lucky Mom!