Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surprise Pictures

While transferring the Christmas pictures I'd taken with my moms camera I ran across a few other fabulous photos on her camera from the last year and a half that I had to have as well.
Summer 2008
Can you believe how round and chubby his little face used to be?!

Summer 2008
My wonderful Dad
Summer 2008
The chub-a-lub hanging with Uncle Matt
January 2008
Tickles and kisses from Grandma
December 2008
My mom builds graham cracker houses with Olivia every Christmas and Livvy looks forward to it all year long
Autumn 2009
I LOVE this picture of Caleb and my grandma - they are good little buddies and keep each other laughing every Sunday night
My grandma has several very large trees along her driveway that drop a HUGE amount of leaves ever fall. Caleb and Livvy loved pitching in this last year to help rake them up
Of course some rolling and jumping took place as well...

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