Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night at the last minute Cameron's parents had an extra ticket to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with Natalie Cole and took me along. I was in Target when I got the call and nearly made a spectacle of myself I was so excited. The kids and I were headed over to my moms that afternoon for some Christmas fun - crafts and cookies - and she just kept them at her house afterwards so that I could go along. Downtown was madness (the Jazz were also playing the Lakers), I accidentally kept my keys so Cameron wasn't able to pick the kids up after work from my mom (car seats locked in the van...), we were stuck in the parking garage afterwards for nearly an hour, and my kids didn't roll into bed until midnight, but oh oh OH!!! was it worth it!!! Gorgeous, glorious, uplifting and a million other adjectives!


aubrey said...

What an awesome opportunity! I wish I could have gone :( My family went whilest I stayed home sick - oh sadness! I heard it was just amazing though! Well, they always are aren't they hee hee!

Trevlyn said...

I especially envy my Utah friends and family this time of year! So glad you could go!