Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Believe Me

My camera is lost. I think somewhere in the mess of my bedroom where Christmas wrapping and crafting and sewing have exploded in the last few weeks.
We really have done lots of fun stuff!
We decorated our too huge for the room it's in Christmas tree with sparkly awesomeness and a few new homemade ornaments by Miss Olivia. We visited the Festival of Trees - just me and Caleb, Grandma, aunt April and her little guys - it was a Wednesday morning with no crowds. The boys did the kid crafts, we ate a scone and looked at gingerbread houses and beautiful trees without being rushed along by crowds. Caleb sat on Santa's lap. Olivia has been crafting to her heart's content. Caleb has a new found love of basketball and shooting with daddy on the hoop he got for his birthday. We're finally enjoying the basement fireplace now that it's gotten cold and snowy. My favorite Christmas story books and old movies are out on the shelf and being enjoyed on a nightly basis. We've done some service and had some fabulous family nights. The kids are filling up our little wood manger with "service" so that it's warm and soft for when Jesus comes on Christmas. We have filled the kitchen with many batches of Christmas goodies.
You'll just have to believe me when I say that we are enjoying our December to the fullest!

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Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Do you have an advent nativity scene? Okay...I need pictures. What a good idea! I would love to live closer to you so I could pick your brain on fun stuff to do with my kids! :)