Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Race

On Friday Cameron and his dad headed up to Logan while his mom, nieces and the kids and I drove up to Jackson Hole.
We stayed in a beautiful little condo just outside of Teton Village. The kids loved the little pond right outside our front door and we spent lots of fun time playing games, making treats and working on projects.
On Saturday we got ready, shopped a little in Jackson Hole, drove down the canyon to Alpine where we cheered Cameron on at one of the rest stops, and then drove back up the canyon to wait for him at the finish line. We didn't have to wait for him very long. He beat his goal time by thirty minutes and his time last year by about ninety minutes. (It was still light when he finished!)
Dad's #1 Cheerleader

The big finish (Look! Still light! And he's upright and smiling!) I canNOT believe this race and that he's able to do it. Lotoja starts in Logan, Utah. Passes through three different states before finishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Is 206 miles long. And took him 11.5 hours to finish.
Making treats with cousin Emy
Busy bee working on school and art projects
Beautiful girls having fun shopping in Jackson
We LOVE grandma and grandpa!
I just love this guy! He's an amazing husband and father. Even with his crazy work and riding schedule he always puts us first.
Great job Cameron - congratulations on your great race!


Susan said...

Amazing!! I cannot believe it is even humanly possible to ride a bike over 200 miles - seriously!! I wish I were that cool. ;)

the landreths said...


Stacy said...

Congrats! I am so glad that you beat your previous time. And even more impressed that you even start something like that!

Julie said...

What a fun experience for all you guys! BJ wasn't a bit jealous...hahaha!