Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are just a few pictures of some other birthday fun.

THE ZOO with grandma Carol, aunt April and cousin Wyatt. I just have to point out that this was probably Caleb's fifth time on a carousel and the first time he didn't scream his head off in fear.

The day of her birthday we woke up early for her weekly swim lesson, and then met Grandma at Olive Garden (Livvy's favorite "grown up" restaurant) and then headed over to Build A Bear. (Welcome to the family Cinnamon Bunny.)
Olivia and my sister Andrea have birthdays in the same week so our family party is always combined with a fabulous cake made by my amazing sister in law Ashley. (Not that she wasn't busy enough that week - working full time as a teacher, working part time in her family's bakery and getting ready for her baby Colby's blessing that same weekend.)
Thank you Ashley!!

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