Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hard Way

He just had to get that race car on the other side of the table.
And heaven forbid he pause long enough to accept a little help or instruction or pause to see the big picture from loving parent's point of view.
(What?! Walk around the table?! But I want it now and I am big enough and smart enough to do it all by myself - I don't need anyone's help!)
Talk about a great big reminder found in one little moment.
In my own quest to reach a goal do I take the big picture into consideration? Do I humble myself and pause long enough to receive a little instruction from my own Loving Parent?


Stacy said...

He is a funny little boy! and no I don't often stop to listen for instruction!!

Maria said...

Hahaha this is great! Well at least he did it HIS way- all by himself :)- and that's what matters. ;)