Friday, January 23, 2009

Art and Icecream

This is our newest birthday present idea and it seems to be a hit so I thought I'd share. Olivia is BIG into art and craft projects and it seems like whenever her friends are over they are fascinated with her supply box. Thus the idea for the individual birthday art box was born.
Take one of those small Sterilite containers - the kind with the snap on lid - and fill it with art supplies. You can customize for boy or girl, age or interests. This is for Olivia's friend Abby and it has princess stickers, glitter pens (sorry Abby's mom...), twist up colored pencils, kid scissors, sticky jewel stickers and foamy star stickers. Add a homemade label to the front and a whole bunch of curly ribbon to the handle and voila! It's different, it's personalized and it all comes together for about the same price as a toy that the friend may or may not already own and may or may not use.
And speaking of art... Olivia's school had an "Art Walk" last night and I thought that it was such a simple, but clever idea. Basically an open house with all of the student's art work hung throughout the halls and cookies afterwards. Cute huh? Here is Olivia proudly pointing out her handprint and paper turkey.
Caleb has discovered a new medium for mess making.
Yes - the toilet paper roll.
I really do try to keep the bathroom doors shut, but this little guy was sneaky yesterday and the magical appearing whiteness was just too much to resist.
You should have seen his evil grin and the hand clapping that followed when I discovered him.
I just had to throw this photo into the mix. Caleb's cousin Wyatt spoon feeding him ice cream at the Spaghetti Factory last week. Wyatt turns two at the beginning of May (they're about seven months apart) and he and Caleb are sure cute little buddies. I hope they'll end up being really great friends as they get older.


Susan said...

What a great birthday present idea! You are so clever.

Julie said...

Ditto on the art box gift idea. I will try to remember that one.

Has Caleb started eating the TP yet? I hear that might come next!