Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Kids!

Either I have a really bad memory, or Caleb is a much busier baby than Olivia was. I don't remember her ever getting into things and being so on the go like Caleb has been. I swear I've doubled my daily pedometer reading since he started crawling. We finally found a hallway gate that will work with our strange hallway/staircase set up and boy am I glad. I have visions of him one day inching along the shelf that runs along the side of our basement stairs. (It's floor level at the top of the stairs, but ten feet off the ground by the time you get to the bottom of the staircase.) Chasing toys, climbing furniture, pushing buttons... this little man is keeping me on my toes!
Olivia has also been a very busy girl lately. I have been absolutely thrilled with how she's doing in kindergarten. I was so afraid her shyness would overtake her and it would be a battle, but she has made some really great friends, is doing so well with the classwork and has basically just blossomed into a very confident, happy, grown-up little girl over the last few weeks.
On a sidenote: our house is now the neighborhood house. I went out to check on her and the two friends I thought she had over in the backyard a few days ago... and they had mushroomed into a group of eight!! Not sure how I feel about the millions of kids always congregating in my yard... but the plus side is that I always know my daughter is safe and having fun. :)
Future career woman in the making? I found her in the backyard yesterday before school playing restaurant. Here she is choosing her location, setting up the table, putting out the dishes and "cooking" away.
Creating the menu,
And serving her first customer. (Isn't Cameron great to play along with her?)
Or maybe hair school. This is what I found after getting out of the shower the other morning. Caleb's first "haircut" in progress. (Don't worry - they're just the plastic scissors from our play doctor kit.) But she'd spread a blanket around his shoulders and everything and was talking him through it. "Now just a little snip here... and a little snip there..." It was quite funny.
He was not the happiest of campers (is this a premonition of how his first real haircut will go?)
But he was a good sport just like he is with all of the other things she plays with him (dress up, doctor, etc.) And through it all he is just wild about his big sister and loves her bunches. He follows her everywhere and loves to track her down just to climb up on her and give her hugs and big slobbery kisses.


Anonymous said...

Cute kids! I've "stolen" one of these pictures for the site. :)

Adam&Rachel said...

I can't believe how what a beautiful girl Olivia is growing up to be! I have heard boys are more busy and get into things more, but I don't have a girl yet so no accurate comparison from me :)

Phillip and Mary said...

In general, I'm hesitant to make statements such as the one I am about to make, but I have a hunch that the difference between Olivia and Caleb at age one, is the fact that he is a boy. I thought I would never take another shower again unless Elijah was asleep. I once asked a friend, with a daughter about 5 months older than Elijah, how she takes a shower, "well, your house is pretty much baby proof, right? I just let her wander around, and I take my time, too. It's my time." I was like, baby proof is one thing...boy proof is an entirely different thing! The longer I live, the more accurate I think that really is! You are awesome!

Unknown said...

I swear that boys are lot bussier that girls are...they are into EVERYTHING! Fun that your house is the neighborhood place to be. Better than Olivia being over at someone else's house playing all the time. Means you are doing a good job and she loves being home and your house much be FUN!

Holly Sanders said...

funny, we just played restaurant last night with the girls--it was ....interesting.

Erica said...

I know I don't have experience with girls yet, but I am convinced that it is boys that get into everything! Good luck--I can totally relate :)