Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Bike!

After months of indecision I finally bit the bullet and got a bike! Cameron has been wanting me to forever, but let's face it, riding with someone who regularly goes on five hour long bike rides when I haven't been on one in about seven years... is kind of intimidating! I took a ride yesterday morning and just about died. Just kidding... (Curse the wind!) But it's the most fun exercising I've ever had and I'm excited to get better and not put my biker husband to shame.


aubrey said...

Go Emily!

I know the feeling! I pulled my bike out and dusted the poor thing off this summer. I took a few rides on it and garsh, perhaps I should have left some of those muscles with my 20 year old body!

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I want a bike so bad...I haven't had one since we lived in San Juan at college. That is fun that you have something that you can Cameron can do together :)

Adam&Rachel said...

good job! I want a bike too, and a trailer :)