Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Little Time

It has been a crazy and stressful this week and I was feeling it today. Olivia was playing at my moms while I took Caleb to the pediatrician's today and when I got back I was pleasantly surprised to find Cameron there. He works near my parents house and had gotten off early and tracked us down. I was wanting to hurry up and get home so that I could clean up and get dinner going before my piano students came, so my sweet hubby traded cars with me and sent me on my way. He packed the kids up and took them to his parents to play and have dinner while I had a whole hour to pick up and get ready for lessons and actually teach them in a quiet house. They ended up staying there for awhile and after lessons I just had to sit for a bit in my surprisingly clean (and SILENT) house. Then I practiced and practiced and practiced until my back was stiff and my fingers were tired. (That hasn't happened in years!) Of course when Cameron and the kiddos arrived it was wonderful to see them and I realized that I had missed them while they were gone, but a little time was just what I needed tonight and I am so grateful for a husband who picked up on that and let me have it!


Stacy said...

oh that is so nice!! What a great hubby to give you the time you needed to 'recharge'!
What is next week looking like for you to get together?!

the landreths said...

Go Cameron! What a great guy. I wish i had time to play until my back and fingers were sore :).