Friday, June 13, 2008

A Caleb Update

Here he is. My little man that is not so little anymore! Caleb will be seven months old in one week and I just thought I'd give a little update on him.

  • He is a "mammas boy" (BIG time!) I love how he cuddles with me and how he growls and tries to eat my cheeks.
  • He is chubby! I finally have a baby with chunky thighs! :)
  • He loves sitting up in his high chair and chucking anything he can get his hands on over the side.
  • He loves to roll. Everywhere. Over and over again.
  • He loves his sister (even though she loves him a little too hard sometimes and ends up squishing him. And despite her weird fascination with sticking her fingers in his ears...)
  • He STILL does not sleep at night. I'm a complete zombie most of the time - but seeing that chubby little smile in the morning usually makes me forgive him.
  • He has the funniest deep little voice - he sounds like a little man.
  • He's taking after Livvy in the fabulous laugh department - it is the greatest sound ever - and no one can get him going quite like Daddy.
Check out those cheeks!!
He is SUCH a happy little guy - feed him, change him and give him a nap and that smile never goes away.

I love the look of fear on his face. Perhaps it's the popsicle mouthed, drippy nosed kid on his right...


Trevlyn said...

Emily, he is so beautiful! I'm sure his smile causes your endorphines to release all day long!

aubrey said...

How sweet is that little cap? Dear goodness!