Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Help Wanted

Dear crafty, scrappy, creative and brilliant digital scrapbookers -
I am in need of your wisdom! I've been wanting to start digital scrapbooking for awhile and tonight I finally sat down at the computer, resolved to begin... and am more confused than ever. Where do I start? What's a good beginner site? Do I have to have a separate program to slap it all together on? Are there sites I can just upload my pictures to and do it all from one place or do I download the stuff I want and then put it together somewhere else?... (I know this post is giving me away as a complete dunce on the computer, but I am in serious need of guidance here!) Calling all digital scrapbookers! Please tell me where you like to go for stuff and how on earth I get started. And use small words!


Susan said...

Jess put together a pretty good post about how to digital scrapbook a few months ago in October. Here's the link to get there (if this link doesn't work, go to my blog and find Jess's link - then find the post on digital scrapbooking that she put up towards the end of Oct):

BensonFam said...

Thank you Susan - I haven't read through it all yet, but it seems very helpful. Jess is so talented - I'd never seen her blog before! Also - love love LOVE the fisher price game website on your blog - Olivia will be so excited to see that!

Unknown said...

Hey Em, I have a digital scrapbook blog. Go to my family blog and click on the link off to the side that says "my digital scrapbook blog" If you go to the very beggining of my blog I go through a step-by-step. Plus, i have a ton of links on there of places I buy my kits from. I use photoshop to make mine. But, email if you have any questions...cause Photoshop can be hard. It can be SOOOO fun when you get the hang of it...I am addicted. Good luck!