Monday, December 17, 2007

This and That

Sorry everyone for being a slacker on the blog lately. For those of you who are curious as to how I'm handling the whole 'two kid' thing... perhaps the following list will give you some insight.
1. My Christmas cards (yes - the ones I started collecting addresses for back in October and vowed to have out right after Thanksgiving...) are still sitting in the Costco photo lab.
2. Olivia has missed four out of the last ten days of preschool.
3. Showers (and I'm sure all moms can relate to this) are now luxuries instead of routine, and haven't happened before 11AM more than twice in the last month.
4. In the last three and a half weeks I have experienced ouside sunlight for: a billirubin check, another billirubin check, a weight check, one more billirubin check, a two week check, and Olivia's flu vaccine. (Our doctor's office knows us well.)

We're doing pretty well though! There have been a few mishaps, a few sleepless nights and a few meltdowns, but I really am feeling great for the most part and Olivia has been AMAZING! I'm a little afraid that this is the calm before her big gigantic 'I want to be an only child again' storm. But so far she's been so loving and sweet to Caleb and so excited to have him here. She's very protective and VERY helpful. Caleb is so stinking cute I can't even believe it. He looks like a little man (a little OLD man since his hair line started receeding) and I fall in love all over again every time his dimples pop out. He's a snuggle bug and a screamer, but unfortunately not a sleeper. He does great at night, but doesn't believe in napping unless someone is snuggled up with him - which obviously can't happen all of the time. Enter the screaming.

I do have to say, that as difficult as it's been being stuck at home ninety eight percent of the time (because it's so dang cold and I'm paranoid about RSV), this Christmas season has been unlike any other. What a blessing it has been being home with my two beautiful kids just enjoying this time of year and avoiding all of the craziness that makes us forget what the holidays are about. We've had some great family time enjoying our tree, listening to music, doing crafts, reading stories, and drinking in the sweetness of this new little spirit that we're so blessed to have in our home. (In between all of the feeding, changing, bathing, crying, etc that comes with a newborn of course.)


Adam&Rachel said...

I am glad you guys are making it! I am so nervous to have 2 also :) You forget how hard those first few months are... I am not looking forward to sleepless nights.. oh, I don't do well w/o sleep! I get a little crazy :) I know it's hard to have a baby during the winter w/ all the germs around! I need to get pregnant in the winter next time! good to hear from you.

Stacy said...

Yeah for mom's without showers!! More power to the stinkiness!! j/k it will get better, I think! I don't really know, I am just crazy with my 3! Atleast olivia is only missing preschool! and not elementary where it might count a little more! I hope to see you soon! Feel free to call me on the crazy days if you need to vent, or want me to come get livvy so you can rest!!

Diane Owen said...

Oh Emy,I SO know how you feel! Hooray for you doing things like crafts...I think all Beth did for the first few months of James life was watch TV. I'm glad you are enjoying life with your two sweeties. Let us know when we can come over and keep you company, or you are welcome to come here and have some different walls to stare at. :)

none said...

Ahh, sounds like you are doing well. You'll adjust, it takes time. As long as everyone is healthy. He's adorable and your Livvy is beautiful. Best wishes to you and your family as the year ends.

Shelly and Ken said...

I loved your list. It made me laugh cause it is so true. I was recently not feeling well and I can't believe how quickly things fell apart at our house. I'm thankful Kaiyn was such a trooper. I swear I forgot everything related to preschool, it was so frustrating.