Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three Cheers for Dad!

He did it! On Saturday, September 8th Cameron rode 206 miles from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His total riding time was about twelve and a half hours and he finished the race at 8:07 PM that evening. We are so proud of him! And so grateful that he had good weather and was able to ride a safe race without any problems with his bike or his health. Other than walking a little funny and a few numb fingers he is recovering just fine. Thank you to Cameron's brothers Aaron and Ryan who rode in the support car and took such great care of him at every stop along the way! Olivia was so excited to see him at the rest stop we were able to catch him at and then again at the end - she missed him all day long and kept asking "when will the race be over mom?!" We spent the weekend in a beautiful ski condo in Teton Village with Cameron's parents and brothers and sister and their families. The mountains were beautiful and there was wildlife everywhere: moose in the parking lot and even a midnight visit from a black bear right outside my bedroom window. The day after the race we took the gondolas to the top of the mountain and spent some time up there hiking around and watching the hang gliders. It was such a wonderful and exciting weekend, but we are glad to be back home and settling back in to real life.


Adam&Rachel said...

That's awesome! Way to go cameron. How are you feeling Emily?
love, rach

Stacy said...

YEAH for Cameron! That is so fun! Now help your wife get ready for a new baby!!

Judy said...

Awesome that you raced LOTOJA.
I am Melissa Stevenson's mom and her sister Rachel and her husband are on the support team for the race. Have been for a few years and love helping out. I am glad the weather was good for you. Also you rode right past my parents home.