Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Baby's Starting Preschool!

My camera is going on the fritz so this photo's a little dark, but this is Livvy on her first day of preschool with her new backpack. I still can't believe that Olivia started preschool today! She's been so excited. Last night in the car she said to me "Mom, I wonder what things I'll learn in preschool tomorrow. Maybe stuff I never even heard before!" And then today I just about cried when she grabbed her backpack and yelled "Bye Mom!" before running in the door. No hesitation! And when she got home she told me that preschool was too short! I guess boring old mom just doesn't do it for her anymore.


Stacy said...

It is okay to cry when they leave! I did the same thing with Chloe yesterday. When did they get so big? (of course I have 2 behind her!!)

lpettey said...

She looks so grown up. It's fun to see them come home and excited about their first day. I know I don't have kids of my own, but I see my nieces go to school. It's so much fun to have them tell me all they learned. Love it. Cute blog by the way.

Peck Family said...

So big. I seriously thought I was going to cry when Logan left for preschool but all I said was good riddance! That's cute though that you missed her so much! Your a good mom!