Thursday, September 27, 2007


So the other night Olivia and I were sitting on our front porch, enjoying our gorgeous autumn weather and waiting for Cameron to get home. She kept trying to climb up on my lap, but every time she'd get comfy and lean back... she'd slide off. Let's just say that Caleb is making his presence known all of the sudden, leaving very little room on my lap. Olivia stands up, hands on hips, stomps her foot and says in exasperation "Mom! Caleb keeps kicking me off and I don't want him to! When is he going to come out - NEVER?!?!" I didn't know four year olds could grasp sarcasm yet! We got a good laugh out of it though.


Stacy said...

Oh olivia! That is pretty funny! I can totally picture her hands on her hips and her face as she is saying to too!

banks said...

That is so funny.Is she getting so excited to have a little brother? Kami

Adam&Rachel said...

Cute!!! that's hilarious, Olivia has always had a fun sense of humor :)